Fear of investing

no fear

Stocks are risky but learning the difference between stock market risk and single asset risk — and how to create an investment plan based on risk mitigation — can help alleviate the fears of investing. Read on »

The risk-reward spectrum

risk reward feature

​An introduction into the main asset classes, where they sit on the spectrum from low-risk low-reward to high-risk high-reward, and a visual representation of the link between risk and expected return.​​ Read on »

Index funds

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​Index funds allow you to know nothing about choosing a company to invest in, or a fund manager who is trustworthy and capable, while still ensuring your returns are consistently in the top quartile of funds year in year out. Read on »

Mitigating risks

mitigating risks 1

A robust portfolio is built on a foundation of risk mitigation. While we can’t eliminate all risks, there are ways to balance many of the risks to reduce the chance of any single risk becoming catastrophic. Read on »

Bond funds


An overview of the most commonly used bond index funds in Australia and an explanation of the different characteristics to take into consideration when choosing a bond fund for your portfolio. Read on »

Equity funds

equity funds

What you need to know to ​design a diversified equity allocation for your portfolio, mitigating concentration risk and currency risk, using Australian index funds Read on »

Portfolio maintenance – rebalancing


Different parts of your portfolio move independently over time and the level of risk within your portfolio deviates from your desired asset allocation. Learn how to bring it back in line with rebalancing. Read on »

VDHG or roll your own


An easy-to-understand explanation of what VDHG is composed of and the pros and cons of the all-in-one approach vs a do-it-yourself approach. Read on »