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Lump-sum investing

Investing a lump sum exposes you to entry-point risk. Depending on your risk tolerance, it can be a good idea to learn to DCA the right way. Read on »


Why bonds?

​With interest rates returning effectively nothing over inflation, is it worth moving from cash to bonds? To answer this, we need to compare the risk and return of each. ​ Read on »

pay off the mortgage faster or invest

Pay off the mortgage faster or invest?

Whether to pay off the mortgage faster or invest is one of the most common questions that gets asked. Paying down your mortgage offers a guaranteed return. Investing has a higher return, but it’s not guaranteed. Read on to help decide which is better for you. Read on »

coloured eggs

Should I diversify out of VDHG?

We explore a question that often comes up from new investors whether they should diversify out of just VDHG and add other funds so they don’t have all their eggs in one basket. Read on »