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How much to save inside vs outside super

The most fundamental part of financial planning is determining how much you should be saving for retirement. This article goes through a few methods for calculating that and shows you how to determine how much to be saved inside vs outside super. Read on »

how to invest your super

How to invest your super

This article gives an overview of the three key points to consider when choosing how to invest your super and shows you the effect it will have on your future retirement nest egg. Read on »

Pre-mixed vs single-asset-class investments

In your super, you can choose pre-mixed investments, single asset class investments, or lifecycle investments. Each of these has different characteristics, and we will go through each of their benefits and downsides so you can decide what investment style is best for you. Quick Links Pre-mixed investment options Pre-mixed options are ready-made, diversified investment portfolios made up of multiple asset classes, such as shares, property, cash and bonds. The amount of these asset classes in … Read on »

super account types

Superannuation account types

This article goes through the three superannuation account types, how they are each taxed, access and restrictions, and how to contribute and draw from them. Read on »

when can you access super

When can you access super?

To answer the question ‘when can you access super?’, you will need to meet what is called a ‘condition of release’.

There are ten conditions of release, with four of them being for the purposes of retirement and six being for early release.

Read on to learn more. Read on »

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What is superannuation?

What is superannuation? Superannuation is a structure that holds investments, just like outside super, with the difference being that it attracts massive tax concessions, but the money is inaccessible until retirement age. Read on to learn how you can make super work for you. Read on »

redraw vs offset

Redraw vs Offset

If you are buying a home that you may later turn into an Investment Property, not understanding the difference between a redraw vs offset this could cost you tens of thousands of dollars in lost tax deductions. Read on »

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Wraps and why advisers love them

Wrap accounts enable your adviser to manage your investments on your behalf, but they allow your adviser to do a lot more than that, and this isn’t always a good thing. Read on »